Esthetics If you are interested in a career in beauty, one occupation you might like is that of an esthetician. Aestheticians work with their clients to promote better skin health and to advise them on how to improve the look and feel of the skin on tier face. This is the most fastest growing career, because more woman than ever before are concerned about the way their skin looks and feels, and even some men go to skin-care specialist these days. A medical aesthetician usually gets paid directly from the clients they provide a service to and the median esthetician salary is $38,000 a year, get more information. This depends upon how good the esthetics specialist is, the area they live in, and how long they have had to build up a regular clientele.

Recommended school: Steiner Institute

Steiner Attending a beauty school is a requirement for aesthetics specialist. One of the best schools in USA is Steiner Institute of Esthetics, located in Phoenix, Arizona. Those that attend Steiner go on to have very lucrative careers in the beauty field and are some most highly trained estheticians because of it. There are other schools out there but graduates of Steiner highly recommend the education and training they get there.

Best state for aesthetics professionals: California

 Once you have completed your education you will have to decide what state you want to work in. The best state to choose for a career in esthetics is California, because there are quite a few more people in California that are looking for beauty services like aestheticians than in some other states. Some of this may be because parts of California has so many actors and partially because the sun shines year-around in Cali.


Advice & Suggestions

 Students wishing to pursue a job as an general esthetician should spend some time seeing how the job is done first hand. Many estheticians are willing to take on a temporary apprentice to teach what they know. You can start preparing for this career even in high school by learning everything you can and practicing on your friends.

Advice for Estheticians & Esthetics Students